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Mar. 11th, 2008

justin timberlake's until the end of time.

listen to this!

Mar. 2nd, 2008


after thinking and thinking.. i think i will keep this lil card.

i was watching johhny depp and vanessa paradis's love story.. i feel they're so cool. they have a story that's just like magic. if u watch the interview of vanessa.. when she talked abt johnny.. that kind of sparkle in her eyes.. i guess it's priceless and it's just so beautiful.

in short, im just sooooooooo envious.

oh yeah, happy birthday to you(:


sunday and im alone at home. suppose to go play tennis but it was raining. so here i am doing the card.

yesterday met up with mimi and elson all. we went to have jap food at the cathay. it was cheap and not bad! i ate alot! guilty. hahah. then i went to get some last few materials for the card. after that, we met and wanted to play bowling.. but there were too many pple so we went to seletar there. sat there and played truth. hahah.. interesting. mimi and i learnt so much abt them, abt.. guys as a whole. guys are horny creatures.. hahaha.

anw.. just now my mum mentioned how good the civil defence paramedics were.. hahah.. suddenly im mesmerised by them. she said they're efficient and they provide good service.. and they are smart.. hoho. CUTE. hahah. oh kk.. i'll shut up(:

here's the half done card.

Feb. 28th, 2008

should i give up or should i just keep chasing pavements?

oh my god. sorry to those who have been reading my entries.. it's boring i know. im a boring person aint i? hahah.

i dun even have colours to decorate and accentuate the words that i used to express how i feel. looks like my life, in summary, it's just black and white mod.

these days.. there are many things that have kept me busy. busy thinking that is. first is the dance recital. should i even join? it coincides with my exams. this exam isnt a play thing, if i fail.. i got to retake the module again, which sucks cause it'll mean i have to take an extra subject on top of the 4 modules i have to take next year. but, i really hope to join this recital. it's like doing something that i have a liking for. and finally doing a performance after going for numerous dance lessons. oh my god.. it's a confusing matter. anw, i've signed up. i'll see the commitment level and then decide from there.

yesterday, mimi, inge, vic, cheryl and i met up. had dinner at pasta de waraku! it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! hahah. then went to have ben and jerry's ice cream.. sinful! and after that we went to have twister fries! hahah yesterday was a gluton-ny day! but we all had fun eating. what's life without all these guilty pleasures? yum yum! hahah. on a more serious note, when we were having twister fries, they were talking abt relationships. it was serious, heart to heart talk. i didnt say much during the conversation but i heard what they all had to say.. besides all of them have been in one except me.. hah. and to tell you the truth, im a lil scared now. what they said, what they've been through. it's hard, painful, harsh.. but yet, they were willing to do it again if time were to reverse. ironic? foolish? i dun know. and when i think hard abt this, i think everyone of us would have done the same if time were to reverse. it's true especially when u like(or love.. i dun use love cause it's kinda overrated) the person so much. hah.. i guess this is true.. though i havent been in one.. i know i would have chose the same thing as them as well(:

mimi, vic.. be strong! i know everything happens for a reason. they say, ''it's better to have love and lost than not to have love at all''. you guys have been through trials, lived through memories, that, im sure, will last a lifetime. cherish them!

hah.. are we a fool when it comes to love or do we choose to be one.. hmm..

Mr. Dreamy.

he's cute!(:

but this kinda guy happens only in the virtual world.. there's no such person in reality. what a pity!

Feb. 26th, 2008

(no subject)

i missed maths today. what is happening man? it's like jc days are coming all back.

is it because i've got no motivation? i've no idea. i just dun feel like studying, maybe quit sch and be a dancer or go into designing.. or just be a good housewife.. hah.

anw.. listen to this song.. it'll prob tell u how im feeling..

Feb. 24th, 2008

(no subject)

i cried. uh huh.. i did. im surprised too.

it's then, when i teared, that i realised how much he meant. WHY.. why why why why.
why first cut is always the deepest?
why some people can just so easily find the right one for them?
why do people not cherish what they have?
why do we even fall for someone?
why cant we live life without emotions, without a soul?

i wished i had and knew the answers. im just so tired, drained, lifeless right now. looking at my closest friends, they made me reallised that relationships like these arent what i thought they were meant to be. i used to find solace and comfort in thinking no matter how tough life can get, as long as there is love(of any kind), people could get through the hard times. but this so-called ''world'' has been an illusion all along. you could say, it's like a virtual world that i choose to believe in.. to believe in so that just by thinking this i know i can get through anything. but no, reality is harsh. it's cruel. facts so bare are slammed right into your face, sometimes u cant even react in time or worse, dun know how to react cause everything happened too fast.

previously i asked if you had the chance, would you turn back time or move forward. after much thought, i would move forward. as much as i want to turn back time, i know even if i turn back time, i would still have done the same thing.. so i dun regret what i did. moving forward allows me to learn to be stronger, to learn to accept harsh reality.

mimi said this year is a bad year for relationships for the dragons. how true is this?

Feb. 23rd, 2008


sometimes life is __________, good to some, not so good to others. what's life to you?

life to me? all about being who u are.. the greatest compliment and criticism is not from anyone but yourself.

Feb. 22nd, 2008

the first birthday of the year.

22nd Feb's the first birthday of every year that we'll celebrate. mimi, shiyi, inge, ivy and i went to surprise cheryl! it was nice seeing them all today. catching up on each one's lives and knowing what's been going on for them.. it was really.. really nice(:

oh kk.. sat's my econs prelim and im really looking forward to it. (HAH.. yeah right.)

anw the previous post, the song was justin timberlake's ''until the end of time''.. listen to it if u are interested.

''if u were given a choice.. would u turn back time or look forward to the future?''

Feb. 21st, 2008

(no subject)

Like the old black and white movie clips of the 60's.. just that this time it's prob in sepia. those lil memories just keep replaying inside my head..

listen to this song.. ''this one's for the lovers..''

it's going to be 3am.. i wonder how am i going to survive later..

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